リヴァプールでの生活を綴った日記。 Bits of this and that about my Liverpool life.

by e_rioblanco

England VS Trinidad

a0072144_8104259.jpgI wanted to take my cousins to a pub last night, to get them experience sort of the atomosphere when the football match was on because they're in Liverpool! , so we went down to a pub called Fly In The Loaf (this sounds awaful, doesn't it?) in Hardman Street to meet up with friends. Didi was already there with his friends when we arrived, but my cousins felt so intimidated and scared by a crowd of people in the pub that they couldn't go inside first!! It's definitely strange but special atmosphere in a pub when the World Cup is on, especially when the match becomes heated. My cousisn started to film inside of the pub with her mobile, because she thought that a video could convey the entire atomosphere better than photos. It was a great moment to share, with all these people in the pub when England finally scored, twice !!!! Great goal from Steven Gerald! xxx
昨日は、MちゃんとAさんをパブへ連れて行きました。せっかくリヴァプールにいるので、サッカーの試合があるときのパブの雰囲気をちらっとあじわってみるのもいいんじゃないかと思って。変な名前ですが、「フライ(ハエ)・イン・ザ・ローフ(パン)」というパブへくりだしました。試合が始まってからパブに着いたら、パブの中の人ごみと異様な雰囲気に彼女たちはびっくりしちゃってパブの中にはいれなくて(苦笑)。それでもなんとか、ディディと彼のお友達と合流し、サッカー観戦。写真だと雰囲気が伝わらないと、日本から持ってきた携帯で、パブの中のビデオをとりはじめたAさん。イギリスがやっと点を決めたときにはパブの中の群集と一緒になってビールを持ち上げ歓喜(笑)。スティーブン・ジェラルドのきれいなシュートにはちょっと感動でした! xxx

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Scuba Diving

So disappointed to find out that a new Scuba Diving lesson doesn't start till the end of October... I really wanted to start now when the weather is good. It seems there aren't many diving courses here.. Maybe I should just go to Sinai or a small island in Carribian or Mediterranean Sea for a week to get a diving license Anyway, I've decided to join some drop-in classes in the sports centre. 4 choices: Boxercise, Salsa, Pilates or Ace Abs 'N' Body (which is body tonigh class, with emphasis on the waistline and a flat abdominal area)! Maybe I should try firs, Bocxercise and Ace Abs 'N' Body to reduce flabby bits before even wearing swim wear ! xxx
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My cousin

While I was still in Paris, I got e-mail from one of my cousins. She said that she'd already bought a plane ticket to come to UK to visit me! Of course she's always more than welcome to stay at my place as long as she wants and I was looking forward to having her around, but to be honest I was a little nervous, as I only met her once in my whole life . But it turned out to be so fun to have her and her mum around!! And on top of that, they brought me loads of Japanese food !! I cannot believe we have so much in common and so many things to talk about, like friends, boyfriends, food, school, life, girls stuff, eco-things, films, travel, etc, etc, etc! I'll surely miss her mum when she leaves this weekend. Keep in touch, Akikosan. xxx
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We've been having such a beautiful weather in Liverpool since the day I came back from Paris (a friend of mine told me that it'd been raining while I was in Paris. I must have brought the sun! ) With the sun and the crystal-clear blue sky, what you want to have is a BBQ in a garden or a park! So I went to my friend's, Shaz and Mick's house to have a BBQ with their friends from work and from NY on Sunday. Caprioska (I can't remember exactly how it's called, but who cares what it's called!) with tones of fresh limes and Vodka, which Shaz made, was absolutely smashing! Sun, drink, good music and good friends; Whatelse do you need more? Thank you, Shaz and Mick! xxx
6月4日にパリから帰ってきて以来、Liverpoolはずうっとめちゃくちゃいいお天気(それまではずっと雨だったらしい!)。雲ひとつない真っ青な空と太陽、こうなったらもうバーベキューをするしかない!ということで、この日曜日、お友達のシャズと婚約者のミックの家のバーベキューにお呼ばれしてきました。シャズの同僚とミックのNYからのお友達と、シャズの家のお庭で、たっぷりお野菜にバーベキュー。そして、ライムがたっぷりはいったシャズお手製のウォッカベースカクテル「カプリオスカ(正確な名前かどうか忘れてしまった、、、)」!これはかなりおいしかった!こんな気持ちのいい日は、太陽にカクテルに仲のいい友達!それ以外はなんもいらんっというくらい楽しい夜でした。(最後はみんなで、テキサスなんとかポーカーというのを楽しんでおひらき)。シャズとミック、ありがとう♪ xxx
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My blog

I don't know why I'm doing this, but I've decided to start a blog, just for a change. I dont' know how long I can keep this updated (as you all know I'm very lazy, queen of lesisure ;) , but mon amies! please be patient and visit me sometimes to see how I'm coping with this new technology :) xxx
なぜはじめようと思ったのかわからないけど、気分転換にと思い、とうとうブログを始めることに!なんせ基本的にぐうたらなので、一体いつまで続くやらという感じですが、たまにのぞいてみてくださいね。 xxx
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