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When was the last time I went to a cinema? I asked myself on the way to Royal Liverpool Philharmonnic Hall to see this French film "Pas Sur La Bouche" with a friend the other day. Philharmonic Hall offers you a range of films throughout the year, although it is a famouse classic concert hall. They claim that Philharmonic Hall is the only place you can see a film with this classic style screen, which comes out of the stage!, with an organ play in the world nowadays (this was very popular in 40's and 50's). Whether it is true or not, it is worth trying to watch a film from a box seat in this beautiful concert hall, I think.
先日、とってもひさしぶりに映画を見に行ってきました。家の近くにあるロイヤル・リヴァプール・フィルハモニック・ホールで、年間を通してやっているクラシック映画の中の一つ、「Pas Sur La Bouche」(http://www.gaga.ne.jp/pari/)というフランス映画をみました。ここは、世界でたった一つ昔ながらのオルガン演奏による床からでてくるスクリーン(1940年代のイギリスで使用されていたらしい)で映画が見れるところ(本当に世界で一つしかないのかはなぞ、笑)。もともとはクラッシクのコンサートホールで、ボックス席からみる映画は一度は試す価値あり。

"Pas Sur La Bouche" is a remake of an operetta composed by Mourise Evan. I found it quite good and definitely enjoyed it, but maybe because I didn't expect anything from the film before I went to see it? It seems my friend didn't like it as much as I did. She thought that it was a little too slow and wasn't that good. That's true, the film was a bit slow and you could tell how the story was going to end. I agree that it wasn't the best film, but I found it quite interesting how plays on words and sound were exploited in the songs! I liked the way how rythm and sound of words were mixed together, but I think it's a bit hard to enjoy that if you don't understand French welI, although English subtitles were well translated. I don't understand French, but you can tell, only by listening to the sound of the songs, that alomost all lines were rhymed and there were some double-entendre as well. I think I enjoyed this film aurally rather than enjyoing the quality of the content :) After watching the film, it was hard to get rid of the songs from my head!!
作曲家モーリス・イヴァンが作った同タイトルのオペレッタのリメイク(だと思う)というこの映画、監督は、アラン・レネ、メインキャストは、アメリで有名なオドリ・トトゥやイザベル・ナンティ。全然期待せずにいったので思ったより楽しめた。一緒に行ったお友達は、全体的にスローすぎるといまいちだった様子。確かに、ストーリーの先が読めてしまったし、この結末にしたら少し長いかなぁという印象は受けます。わたしは、どちらかというとストーリーの内容よりも、歌の歌詞のことばと音あそびにいたく感動!リズムと音がうまく掛けあわさっていて、聴覚で楽しめる映画という感じ。でも、フランス語がわからないと字幕ではきついものが、、、。ことばあそびを消してしまわないよう、それでもかなり上手に訳していたと思う。フランス語の意味はわからなくても、音を聞いていると、ほとんどのラインが脚韻をふんでるのがわかるし、少し意味がわかった部分できづいたのは、Double-Entendreも含まれていること。感心。見終わった後、曲のリズムが頭からでていかなくて困りました : ) でも、フランス人って超簡単に恋に落ちるのねっというのが、見終わった後の最初の感想(笑)。

I wouldn't give 5 stars, but maybe 4, because itwas quite charming, all the actors and actresses were very good (especially the one who played a roled of a landlady!), and on top of that, it's taken place in Pars! I might be too generous, but 4 stars :) xxx
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Recipe 3: レシピその3

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God, I had to cancel the trip to Isle d'Orlelon........, because I throw up and had a quite high fever in the morning of the day I had to fly to Paris. I maybe should have gone, but literary I couldn't travel It's just that I didn't think I could be fit enough to travel for long hours when I thought about how long I had to stay in the airport (because of that Heathrow terrorist thing, the security at the airport became very strict and passengers were advised to arrive at the airport as early as possible) and how long I have to travel to the island by train and car next day. I had to cancel the trip. My beach holiday is gone.... :(
8月中旬に行く予定にしていたIsle d'Orelonをキャンセルするはめに、、、。出発当日の朝、熱を出し、もどしたこともあって、断念。行ってしまえばなんとかなったかもしれないけど、行くことができなかった。というのも、出発前日に例のテロ未遂が起こり、飛行場での混雑と普段よりも長い時間空港にいないといけないということを考慮すると、とてもじゃないけどあの熱とめまいではいけないと判断。しかも、パリに着いたら着いたで、次の日は列車でティエリのご両親の家まで行き、そこからオレロン島まで車で4時間はかかる旅。絶対にできないと思った私は、ホリデーを断念。

I was so sad when I saw my suitcase perfectly packed (photo below; left), as I finished packing at 3.30am in the midnight, and prepared a hand luggage in a plastic bag as it's said in the airport (photo below; right). I did everything to go on a holiday, well such as writing a note to a friend of mine who was going to take care of my flat while I'm away, or arrranged with another friend of mine who was going to take care of my goldfish, or unplugging all the electronical equipments in the flat, etc. The saddest thing is that I may not have a chance to wear all the things I bought to match with my new bikini; cute flip flops, an anklet, a toe ring, earings, etc. Summer in England is almost finishing while there was no opportunities for me to wear my Mango summer dress......

I still haven't been able to unpack the suitcase. Hmmm, I hope it's hot in Tuscany next month! xxx
いまだに、パッキングしたスーツケースの荷をほどけないでいるわたしです。 xxx

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So impressed when I saw this "angel wing" (photo below) up in the sky the other day. I took my mobile and took a photo as soon as I found it in the sky, as clouds change their shape so quickly, especially when it's windy. A second later, it totally changes the shape, and so I had to hurry.
So impressive and beautiful, and somehow very holly. Really happy to have had a chance to see a thing like this. In Japan, we call this kind of chance and an appreciation of the chance to meet people or even things, "once-in-a-lifetime chance". It means that you should regard every chance or every time you meet people or things or experience something as "once-in-a-lifetime chance", and so you appreciate and value this "chance". This is also a spirit of Tea Ceremony. It was one evening I felt that people should value and find a happiness in an even little tiny thing in your life and live happy! xxx

この「羽」(写真上)を空に見たときは、感動。形が変わってしまったら困ると思って、急いで携帯をバッグから取りだしてシャッターをきりました。撮った後、何度見ても羽にみえるこの雲を偶然みつけた偶然に感謝。物も人も生活は全て一期一会だなぁと。これからも一つ一つの出会いを大事にしていきたいなと思ったある日の夕方でした♪ xxx
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Mater Course in Alma de Cuba

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Music 音楽


最近聞いていいなぁと思ったのは、パリの小さなバーの地下で聞いたアルゼンチン風ジャズ。タンゴとジャズがミックスされた感じの音楽で、圧倒されました。ヴォーカルの女性の声に聞きほれました。少し高いなぁと思って、あの時CDを買わなかったことをとても後悔しています、、、。もうバンドの名前も思い出せないから。ずっと買いたいと思って探しているもう一つのCDは、アフリカのモーリシャスのそばにあるリユニオンという名前の小さな島(首都Saint-Denis)出身のDanyel Waroという人のBwarouzというアルバム(http://www.afromix.org/html/musique/artistes/danyel_waro/index.en.html)。Liverpoolのどの音楽ショップにいっても売ってない。オーダーしないとだめかなぁ。

家で最近よく聴いているのが、友達が作ってくれたCD。一つは、パリに住むお友達が作ってくれたもの(写真上)。彼女の家で聞かせてもらった、レゲエヴァージョンのLovin' Youからスタートしてフランス人の曲にうつって最後はラテンで終わるCDもう一枚は、カテリーナの音楽好きなお友達のサイモンが作ってくれたCD(写真下)。a0072144_19543850.jpg

今は、カセットテープを聞けるプレーヤーがないのでずっと聴いていませんが、日本で働いていたころ、イギリス人の友達が作ってくれた「クリームチーズとおむすび」というタイトルのケイティセレクションも好きで、イギリスに戻ってきてすぐの頃よく聴いていました。何度聴いても、どうして、このセレクションのタイトルが「チーズケーキとおむすび」なのかがわからない。本人に聞いたところ「作っているときに食べてたから。」だそう(笑)。 xxx

I can maybe live without music, but it doesn't mean that I don't like music. Totally opposite. I like music, and I'm sure life is definitely brighter and livelier when there is music, but I'm not a kind of person who's really into music, or who knows a lot about it, or who can happily spends hours in music stores or spends on searching and downloading music on internet. It's great when friends let me know about new songs or recommend me songs they liked, as I tend to listen to the same music from the same repertoires all the time. I love it even more when they make a cd for me :) I'm not really fussy about genres of music, although I'm very picky about food. I think I listen to most genres of music, except heavy-metal rock, hard rock, and techno music. I love jazz, bossa nova, most of Latin music and African music, and just recently I started to like funck music too. I like Classics too, especially piano works and Opera.

I had a chance to listen to an Argentinian Jazz, which was something like a mixture of Tango and Jazz, in Pairs. A singer in the banc was a female singer, and very impressive her voice was!! So powerful but calming, and somehow velvety but sexy. I was hypnotised by the whole ambiance. I didn't buy her CD. I thought 15 euro was a bit too much at the time, but I should have got it, as I even can't remember the band's name. There is another CD I've been looking for a couple of months now. An album called Bwarouz (http://www.afromix.org/html/musique/artistes/danyel_waro/index.en.html) by Danyel Warro (who is from a small island called Reunion Island near Mauritious). None of the music stores in Liverpool has his CDs....

At home, I've been listening to two CDs my friends made for me. The photo below (very top) is the one a friend of mine who lives in Paris made for me, when I visited her flat. Starts with Lovin' You (Reggai version), moves to French chanson type songs and a few Latin music. I got the other one (photo: the second from the top) from a friend of Cathriona who loves music. I really like the music he chose; kind of classic jazzy type songs, but what I was impressed the most was a CD case he made (the third photo)! I think he got it as a post card or something, cut it into a cd size and turned into a cd case!! Very sweet.

I haven't got a device to listen to a cassette tape here, but I still have one of the tapes in my flat, which a friend of mine whom I met in Osaka made. When I came back to Liverpool in 2002, I had an audio player and used to listen to this tape, which she named "Cream Cheese and Omisubi" (I think she meant Omusubi, not Omisubi ). I still don't know why she named it "Cream Cheese and Omusubi", which is totally a mad combination to eat together!! "For your information, it's because I was eating them while I was recording this tape for you", she said. xxx
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体重減 Lost weight



Hurray! I lost weight!! 4kg since the end of May, and about 7kg since a year ago. I just couldn't be bothered to weigh when my friends told me, actually almost every time they see me, that I must have lost some weight since I came back from Paris at the beginning of June, but I thought that I looked maybe a little thinner because of my summer clothes. But, I went to the hospital the other day and a nurse had to weigh me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped on to the scale. I came back home and weighed myself again, and Yes, I definitely lost weight. Wow.

It's a great feeling to lose weight :) Last week, I went out for a drink with one of my friends Shaz, and decided to wear this tight mini-skirt I bought last year. I couldn't wear it before May (I could but it was really really tight....), but last week it fitted me perfectly!!! Isn't it great to lose weight to wear something you like? :) but honestly I haven't done anything special though, except I lost a bit of appetite in June, I must say, but that's all. Or maybe because I started to eat barley rice, or maybe I started Tai Chi? Hmm, very strange, but anyway I love it and hope to lose a little more weight and get rid of a little more flabby bits around my belly before going to Tuscany next month! :) xxx
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