リヴァプールでの生活を綴った日記。 Bits of this and that about my Liverpool life.

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by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-30 01:35 | food and recipes

Watch out!: 危なすぎ、、

Dave, an owner of Greenfish Cafe asked if Sue and I did not mind changing our seats to a table close to the counter, i.e. away from the windows, when the last time we went there to have lunch. He pointed out outside and told us to look up, and there was this huge metal hanging on the top of the building in front of the cafe (See the photos right and below)! Because it was such a windy (and rainy) day, the metal thing was actually moving!! Looked dead scary.

Dave didn't think it would happen, but he wanted to be really sure that nobody in the cafe was going to be hurt in case if the metal thing fell off. We presumed that workers/builders on this building site must have been rushing off to finish work on Friday and have forgotten to put it away, but you don't forget things like this, just don't. It'd be too late if something happens and someone was injured! The metal thing was safely removed, and evertying looked going back to normal after Dave called a security compnay, I heard somebody's shouting drunkenly outside.

A few customers in the cafe asked Dave to call a police, as these people outside (people living in streets) were drunk and peeing outside of the cafe!! Disgraceful.

First an ambulance came and tried to make them move, but they didn't. Then a police came and tried even harder, but they just didn't move!! They refused to go neither with the ambulance nor with the police! I started to laugh at this point. I was glad I could see a funny side of this, although I knew this wasn't funny at all for the cafe :) Both the ambulance and the police, they just left them there. It is surprising to know that apparently they can't force to take them with them.

Hmmm, even though Liverpool's chosen as a Capital City of Europ for 2008, it seems a lot more needs to be done, doesn't it? xxx
こんなことが日常茶飯事に起こってるなんて、Capital City of Europeに選ばれてもぜんぜんだめだね、Liverpool、、、。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-29 10:17 | diary

Full Moon: 満月の夜

A few weeks ago, the moon was in full.

As I saw the full moon from my flat, which is on the 4th floor, I took photos (photo: right and below).
5階にあるわたしのフラットから見えた満月を写真にとってみた(写真右と下: 携帯カメラなのでフラッシュの光が足りなくてぼやけてます)。

I don't know why, but the moon in England seems to be much bigger than the one you see in Japan and I feel the moon here is much closer to the ground and is surprisingly (eerily in a way) bright, especially on a day with the crystal clear sky. When I look at the moon as bright as this, it makes sense to me why ancient Hittite was enchanted by the magical power of the moon.

Someone told me that people feel high and behave strangely or do crazy things on a full moon day. Is that why there seems to be more fightings on street on a full moon day, or it's just because I live in Liverpool? :)

It's difficult to see a distintive change of four seasons in England, I t hink. I tend to forget Japanese seasonal customs and traditions. September, we have a special day to enjoy a beauty of the full moon. Wouldn't it be great, on one autum night, wearing a kimono, sitting at a Japanese verandah-like porch with a wind-bell, to look at the full moon and to enjoy its beauty. :) xxx
イギリスにいると、日本のような四季を感じるのがむづかしくて、9月のお月見も忘れがち。秋の夜、縁側で風鈴がなる中、浴衣着てお月見。いいなぁ、、、。 xxx

by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-28 06:28 | diary
Sharon noticed this necklace (photo: below) I was wearing on the day we went to have my birthday dinner at Side Door on Hope Street. I bought it at a shop and cafe called NANKA in Nara (Japan) that one of my friends from highschool runs. (NANKA's HP-> http://nanka.net/ and her blog-> http://nankanara.exblog.jp/) She renovated an very old traditional Japanese style wooden apartment into a cosy Japanese style cafe where also sells tablewares and jewelleris from Okinawa and Bali.
ホープストリートにあるレストランでわたしの誕生日ディナーをしたときに、シャロンが気づいてとってもほめてくれたこのネックレス(写真右下)は、奈良で、高校時代の友人がやっているカフェ&雑貨のお店「南果」で購入したもの。(南果のHP->http://nanka.net/ とブログ→http://nankanara.exblog.jp/) 

I got this necklace last time I went back to Japan. I'm very pleased that I actually bought it although I wasn't so sure if I made the right choise at the time, as the chain looked too short at the beginning, but I really like it and it goes with almost any clothes! All jewelleries she sells in the shop are carefully chosen and bought by her in Bali (Indonesia). They all are very prett, I liked them all as the design is so fine and intricated. I can't wait to go back to the shop again next month! xxx
前回日本に一時帰国したときに南果を訪ね、このネックレスに一目ぼれ。バリで買い付けてきたらしいこのネックレス、ちょっとチェーンが短いので、散々迷ったはてに購入したけど、買ってよかった♪どんな服にもあうし、実際つけてみると、鎖の短さがそんなに気にならない。他にも、彼女がバリで買い付けてきているというシルバーのジュエリーはどれもかわいくて全部欲しかったくらい(笑)。細工が細かく、線が細いところがいいと思う。すごく気に入った指輪もあったけど、それはサイズが合うのがなくて断念。来月の帰国時にも「南果」のぞきにいってきます! xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-27 11:13 | diary
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Departure: I usually check-in approx. 30 mins before the departure, but I checked in very early this time, for the high security regulations at the airport. I assumed there'd be a crowd of people and a long que at the check-in counter, but no, empty as usual (photo above: left). I've never really noticed this statue of John Lennon before though ;) (photo above: right).

Arrived, 1st Day in Paris: I took an airport bus (Roissy Bus) from Terminal 3 directly to Opera as usual, for it's most convinient and safer than taking RER B at night alone. I was waiting for a friend to pick me up at Opera Garnier, and couldn't resist taking a photo since this is one of the places where always reminds me of Paris and where I realise my presence in Paris! Really beautiful, Opera Garnier is (photo: right)

2nd Day: I was going to go to National Library (the end of Metro 14) to read some articles first, but as a friend of mine mentioned about a new Starbucks in Opera over the phone, whose interior is totally different from any other Starbucks, I changed a plan and went to this newly open Starbucks on Bd. de Italienes. The interior is the grand! Amazing ceiling (photo: left) and great atomosphere. It's a waste to be a chain coffee shop like Starbucks. The only thing I appreciated that this place was Starbucks was their non-smoking policy, I have to say. It's a shame that nobody could turn into something better than Starbucks. I was waiting for friends before our dinner reservation, reading an article about wordplay in Hebrew poetry, drinkin iced cafe latte. I was surprised how different Starbucks cafe latte here tasted from the one back at Starbucks in UK. Was it because of the great atomosphere of this beautiful place, or because of coffee beans? Coffee, in general, always tastes better in France anyway :)

3rd Day: We went to Le Marais to do some shopping, and bought quite a few bottles of BIODERMA (not Biotherma), which was recommended by a frined of mine whose dermocologist had originally recommended her when she had a problem with her skin (**he said that hard water in Europe was not good for skin and it's better to be wiped out before you put any cream on your face). On the way to the restaurant in Villiers, we changed a train at this very artie station called Arts et Metiers (2 photos below). I didn't realised that the entire wall of the paltform was made of bronze-looking metal until a friend of mine suggested to take a photo for my blog. Metal work by some artists were also displayed on the wall. Interesting, but I have to say it felt strange. You feel like as if you were inside of the spaceship or something :)


I'm so determined to do some cultural wandering, including a visit to Bibliotheque Francois Mitterrand in my next trip to Paris (maybe at the beginning of December?)! :) xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-25 15:15 | travel
Am back in Liverpool now from a week trip to Tuscany! I had such a great time there. I took more than 100 photos and have so many things to talk about here. I think it'll take a bit of time for me to upload all the things here, so please be patient and wait for the photos of beautiful Tuscany! love, xxx

トスカにーから戻ってきました!1週間、めちゃくちゃ楽しかったです♪もう、話したいことは山もり、山もり。写真も100枚以上とったし(笑)。ということで、更新するまでにまだまだ時間がかかりそうですが、気長に待っててくださいね。love, xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-24 10:00 | diary
Pienza, Italy,

Part II: 後編

After having explored enough in the village, it was time to eat. We (Ruth, Mike and I) were very hungry, but all restaurants already finished serving lunch. It was famouse Italian "siesta" time. By the time we found a place where we could sit down and eat, we couldn't care less if it's just a pizzaria, as it was the only place where was still serving the food.

I don't like to eat pizza in UK. It's hard to find good real crispy Italian pizza there. I only eat pizza in places where I know I can have good pizza, and there aren't many.....

a0072144_7121064.jpgWe sat at the table outside, as neither Ruth nor I wanted to stay and eat inside where was very smoky (people were smoking cigars). It was sooo hot that I couldn't sit still. I changed a seat from this one to the other one, but wherever I sat the sun was there, everywhere! too strong.

I tried to do everything I could do not to get burnt: I covered my left arm with my cardigan, I borrowed Ruth's pink hat to cover my face from the sun, but my balck cardigan absorbed all the heat, and I looked hideous in this pink hat with my green summer dress! We ordered some red wine, and had a lovely meal, but it was a torture to sit under the sun while we were eating.....

So, it was a heaven when we went to have gelato and sat under the shade, after having been baked all over! :)

I tried Panna Latte and Cafe flavour the day before, but this time, 2 scoops of Panna Latte! Yummy. I should have had more gelato while I was there, because I rarely see nice ice cream in England. I've heard that most of the ice cream in UK is made of lard and salad oil! No wonder it tastes like petrol. Eek.
パンナ ラテとカフェがわたしのお気に入りの味。でも、この日は、パンナラテを思う存分味わいたかったので、2スクープともパンナラテで♪。イギリスに帰ったらもうこんなおいしいアイスクリームにはお目にかかれないから、思う存分味わわないと!イギリスのアイスクリームはサラダ油とラードを使用しているらしく、不気味なくらいまずいのです。石油の味がする、、、。

a0072144_710512.jpgAfter we left Pienza, we stopped at another beautiful village in Tuscany, Montepulcciano (photos: left). Montepulcciano was something I always imagined what a Tuscan village to be looked like! We were there only to pick up some groceries, so didn't have time to explore this pretty village. It was a shame that we didn't have more time or we couldn't
a0072144_7124328.jpgcome back here for another day, but thanks to Mike's TomTom that led us to this place, we at least now know what the place looked like.

I want to come back to this lovely village again, definitely. xxx
絶対にまたくるぞ~! xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-19 19:50 | travel
Pienza, Italy,

Part I: 前編

The main reason of this trip to Tuscany was to attend Sharon and Mike's wedding, and I didn't therefore do a lot of sightseeing. The only palce I visited (and explored) was Pienza, which is only 20 mins drive from the villa I stayed. It's a small village on the top of the hill of Tuscany.

Pienza is very small but very pretty. Lots of narrow streets (photo above) where cars cannot come in, and these streets looked soooo Italian, well, at least to me :) Pienza reminded me of one of the TV commercials where this small car (I think it was Renault) was driving around the narrow streets. Every houses and buildings have intricated carving or design on their entrance doors and windows.


Pienza is know as its cheese, and there are quite a few cheese shops in the centre. Oh god, this cheese! Appearance can be deceptive, people say, but for this cheese, never! Appearance tells everything. It looks grouse and it smells horrifyingly strong!!! Even friends who like cheese thought that it smelled quite strong. It's very different from French cheese. I was crying out, "I need a nose-piece to block the smell, not an ear-piece!!" The smell was so strong that you could even smell it from the top of the street to the bottom, as far as the street goes!!! Believe me, the smell was that bad.

It was a hot day. Where we were walking was a kind of a hill looking down the great scenery of Tuscany. Beautiful place. It was too hot, and I felt dizzy and was trying to find a shade. I started to lose interest in admiring the view. At that moment, I couldn't care less how picturesque the scenery was! I had to get away from the sun....


We went into this Duomo (photo: right) in the middle of the village. I wondered if the wall paintings in the Duomo were original. I couldn't tell. I wanted to take a photo of the paintings, but decided not to, as I've heard that people here are quite strict about taking photos in churches. However, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the ceiling (photo: bottom).


I noticed that there were two booths by the entrance door, and I wondered what they were. I asked Ruth what they were for, and she told me that they were where people come and confess their sins. I don't think I've never seen the booths like them before. I was so impressed with this fine craftmanship of the panels (photo: right). There were 4 panels in the Duomo, and each of them are designed differently. There was also great work on the floor panels. I've decided not to take a photo, as most of them looked already badly weathered.

To be continued.... (The next part is about a pizzaria in Pienza.) xxx
後編、ピッツェリアへ♪ xxx

by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-19 18:45 | travel