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by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-19 20:30 | food and recipes
I become an antie again!! A baby of my youngest brother was born last week!! Boy, again :) but before the baby was born, we all thought that it would be a girl. More than a couple of weeks ago, I went to Abakun, a fabric shop near London Road in Liverpool, to get a yarn to make a baby bonnet. I chose peach pink 4 ply wool and crocheted a bonnet before the baby was born. I was so convinced, though, that the baby was a girl, because my sister-in-law said that she'd thought it'd be a girl, and also I heard that my mum had already bought some baby clothes for a girl! but the baby is a boy!!! What am I going to do with this peach pink bonnet? All my friends, who are pregnant now, are expecting a boy, not a girl... If anyone knows or has a friend who's expecting a baby girl, please let me know. I'd be happy to give it to somebody who needs it!

Anyway, I gave up making another bonnet in a different colour, no time to make a new one, but I'm hoping to start making a baby blanket for his 100th day celebration in November. This time I got some white and peppermint green yarn! :) I've learned how to make this square motief from Sue, but it looks far more complicated than making a bonnet!! Let's hope I can finish it before November.

I got a very short email from my brother only on the day the baby was born (his email was "The baby's born. A boy. Looks like Ryu (his eldest son, who is only 13 months old")), but after that, nobody let me know a name of the baby, I heard nothing at all for more than a week since!! Very frustrating though. At last, my bro emailed me the baby's name. Keito is his name, it's a quite pretty name, but the problem is that it gets very confusing, as the baby's name and his mother's name are very similar. Would be very tricky when I want to call the baby's mother and when I want to call the baby :) Anyway, I cannot wait to go back to Japan in October. I'm dying to meet the baby and hold him :) xxx


生まれた日に、3行メール(「今うまれた。男の子。上の子そっくり。」)がきてから1週間たっても名前が決まった連絡がこなくて超いらいら(笑)。やっと、今日、連絡がきて、義妹の名前から一文字とって、けいと君に決定!かわいい名前ですが、「けいちゃん」って呼んだら、義妹とのこと呼んでるのか、赤ちゃんのこと呼んでるのかわからんくなりそう、、、。秋の日本帰国まであと2ヶ月!早く顔見てだっこしたいもんです♪ xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-18 18:30 | diary
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by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-18 04:42 | food and recipes
PYREX! I'm in love with PYREX :) I've liked it for long, but it was actually about a few years ago when I officialy started to collect PYREX, which was exactly September 2002 when I went to Harrisonburg to attend one of my friend's wedding. Harriosnburg is suburban area, two hours dirve from Washington DC. She and her mother-in-law took me to one of farmers market where I found this so-called "Antique Market". I didn't really care when she told me that there weren't many real antiques. True, there weren't "real old antiques" like we have in England, but that place was like a dream shop to me. Full of PYREX!! This butter dish (see the photo) was actually my frist PYREX collection!

I didn't think they were really cheap at the time. So I only bought things I really really liked and things I could carry in my suitcase (in terms of both amount and weight), but I should have bought more. I've so regretted that I didn't buy a set of salada bowls with tulips pattern!!! The price is quite dear in Japan and even in the States now, as PYREX and FIRE KING become very popular as Collectables among Japanese collecters. I usually find them in a charity shop here and there in UK at a very low price ( the casserole dish I got was only 99p), but I buy them on e-bay recently, which is veeery dangerous :) I have no will power when it comes to butter dishes and gravy boats....... Let's hope I'll meet more PYREX in a charity shop at a bargain price! xxx


でも、もっと買っておけばよかったと今となっては後悔!!今、日本でPYREXやFIRE KINGがコレクタブルとして流行っているからか、日本でもアメリカでも高い!イギリスで、たまにチャリティショップでみかけ、破格の値段(キャセロール皿なんかは一つ100円くらい)で購入したりしてたけど、最近は、e-bayなるものを覚え、すこしづつわたしのPYREXコレクションが増えていってます(笑)。特に好きでついつい集めてしまうのが、バターケースとグレービーボート(グレービーコレクションの紹介はまた次回)。これからも、チャリティショップで破格の値段で出会えますように♪。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-17 00:15 | antiques

Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival at Southport (www.southportjazz.com). One of my best friends who sings a jazz in Japan was planning to come to Liverpool only to see this festival, but she ended up paying all her money to come here for having had her car repaired instead (she hit the car and the side of the car was scraped badly). A shame she couldn't come. But my Italian friend from Wales texted me if we could do something together over that weekend. She likes jazz, so I told her to come up to Liverpool, and we went to Southport Jazz Festival together.

We started from a band called Jaso Fula. Hmmm, it wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. I liked voice of two vocals, and also like the piano playing, but there wasn't anything extraordinary.

Then, we went to Darcy's Tearooms to listen to Jaso Fula (see the photo). It was an old style English tea room we liked very much. There were some interesting pieces in the shop such as Tea Bricks (antique from 18th/19th century) and an antique bell (the one you see at a reception desk of a hotel in an old film). Just Jools played the piano singing popular cover songs in jazz. People in the shop have tea or lunch while he was playing. I had afternoon tea, because I couldn't resist it when I saw this homemade ham sandwich ion a menu :) I didn't like the tea very much, as it was a bit too smokey for me. Anyway, he didn't maybe have the greatest voice, but I liked his performance; as if his character was all put into his performance which is getting into people's heart.

Next, we headed to watch JazzCoTech Dancers. The bar was already packed when we arrived. Surprised to see two young Japanese female dancers there! The dancers were very good, the dance was and the crowd loved it, although I didn't like some of the part (kind of over acting bit) .

We then had some time to kill before the next band's play, so we went to look at a photo exhibition by a jazz photographer William Ellis. There were some photos of very famous jazz players like Miles Davies. I liked a feeling of some sort of tension in his photographs. You could feel it. He says, "Whatever the gig from the smallest club to the concert hall I always have a feeling of exhilaration as the playing begins and a unique performance unfolds. The images are an expression of that feeling. Over the years I've photographed many leaders of jazz, all the way from Miles and Dizzy to here and now in The Americas, Europe and Africa. I believe that music and a smaile is the language of the World."

Our final stop was Southport Art Centre where Cluskey Hopkins Guinness Jazz Band, from Cork in Ireland, was playing (see the photo below). Real swinging jazz, very lively and dynamic! I loved it, especially Trumpet and Saxes!! I've fallen in love with them ;) I even videotaped (with my mobile) their play (Trumpet and Saxes, of course)! The sound of trumpet and saxes is lively and energetic, but somehow very melancholic too.

I definitely had a brilliant day at Southport Jazz Festival, and would love to go again next year, but there's no way I can, because of a deadline of my thesis, which should be next summer.....! xxx


まず、スタートは、Jaso Fulaというけっこう若い5人組のグループ。悪くはなかったけど、すごいいいって感じでもなかった気がします。ヴォーカルの二人の声はとてもよかったし、ピアノの人もよかった。でも、なんかびびっとくるものがなかった。

次に、Just Joolsという人の演奏をDarcy's Tearoomsで聴いた(写真一番上)。このティールームがとってもかわいくて、アンティークのベルがレジ台においてあったりして(写真下)昔のイギリスのティールームを思い出させる雰囲気。お店のディスプレイにあった、アンティークのTea Brickがとても印象的でした。写真がガラスケースに反射して撮れなかったのが残念。とても貴重なアンティークでした。Just Joolsは、ティールームにある小さなピアノを弾きながら、いろんなジャンルからの曲をジャズで歌い、それを聴きながら、紅茶を飲んだり、ランチを食べたり。わたしはせっかくなので、アフタヌーンティーを頼みました。というのも、ホームメイドのハムがはいったサンドイッチがどうしても食べたかったから(笑)。紅茶は、わたしにはすこしスモーキーな感じがしてだめだったかも。歌が特別上手とは感じなかったけど、彼(Joolsさん?)の人柄がうかがえるような演奏がとても心地よかったです。ティールームのマスターもイギリスではまれにみるくらい愛想がよくて親切でした。

友達もわたしも気分よくくつろいだ後、JazzCoTech Dancersのクラブ・ファンク・ジャズダンスを見に行くことに。着いたときには人でいっぱいで中まではいれず、外のガラスから見ることに。驚いたのは、メンバー4人のうちの二人が日本人の女の子だったこと。ちょっとコミカルにおどけてお芝居しながら踊るような感じの部分が、わたしはどうも好きになれなかったけど、四人ともとても上手で、観客からは大人気でした。

このあと、聴きたかったバンドの演奏時間が変更になり、次の演奏までの間、ジャズ・フォトグラファーWilliam Ellisの写真展を見に行くことに。有名なジャズ演奏家の写真なんかもたくさんありました。写真から伝わる緊張感がとても心地よかった。彼のメッセージ:「小さなクラブから大きなコンサートホールまでどんなところでも演奏が始まるといつもとても高揚して、その高揚感を写真で表現しています。世界のいろんなところで、Milesのような有名な演奏家の写真を撮り続けてきてるけど、言えるのは、音楽と笑顔は世界の共通の言語ということです。」

最後に、めちゃくちゃジャズっぽいのが聴きたいと思い、アイルランドはコーク出身のCluskey Hopkins Guinness Jazz Bandの演奏するアートセンターへ(写真上)。めちゃくちゃよかった。ヴォーカルもいいけど、なにより、サックス・クラリネット・トランペット・トロンボーンの3人がよかった。ウクレレ(?バンジョーだったのかなぁ)もよかったけど、やっぱり、サックスとトランペットがよかった、惚れた(笑)。快活でダイナミックで、でも、哀愁があって。思わず、何曲かビデオ撮ってしまいました(もちろん、携帯で)。電車の時間に間に合わないので、最後まで聞けなかったのは残念だったけど、と~っても大満足なジャズフェスでした。また、来年も行きたいけど、その頃は論文の締め切りで泣いてるだろうから無理だろうなぁ(苦笑)。 xxx

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Recently I've been taking a lot of photographs of the sky and clouds. Whatever my situation is, for instance, even when I run late for a meeting with my supervisor, I stop, look up, and take a photo, or whenever I find something interesting or pretty in the sky. To make it sound worse, I almost fell over the step without noticing there was a step, or the car almost hit me when I was in the middle of the road (I noticed the car because the driver blew a loooong horn!), or I bumped into someone who truned up at the courner of the street...... All because I was looking up into the sky! I'm becoming a public obstacle!

However, I don't think I'll stop this 'looking up and taking a photo' thing yet! Look at the photo below! This clouds cannot look like anything else than a lobster, don't you think??? Let's keep looking up to find more interesting ones! xxx


それにしても、この雲、遠くから見た週間からもうロブスターにしか見えなくて!その横にたこをふにゃっとつぶしたようなのもあったけど、断然こっちに目がうばわれてしまった。ブログのおかげで最近発見が多くておもしろい。でも、食いしん坊だからか食い意地がはっているからか、ほとんどの雲が食べ物に見えてしまう、、、。これからも、空アンド雲発見、続きそうです。 xxx
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発見その2: The Open

   a0072144_7143424.jpgThis time I found this one (see the photo) in Liverpool Lime Street Station a month ago!! (There seems to be lots to see/find in Liverpool recently, doesn't it? By the way, the M.Jordan I found a while ago, he wasn't standing there any more...) I know this golfer was there, because we had The English Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in June. Isn't this an imaginable plant statue? Surprisingly this reminded me of The Scissors' Hand! :) Doesn't it to you? xxx
   今度は、Lime Streetの駅にこんなもの(写真)を発見!(この間のMジョーダンに続き、なんだか最近Liverpoolには変なものが増えてきた?ちなみに、前回発見したMジョーダンは昨日見たらもういなかった、、、)。このゴルファーさん、どうしてここにいたのかというと、6月にロイヤル・リヴァプール・ゴルフクラブで、全英オープンがあったからかな。Liverpoolもたまには粋なことできるやん!とうれしくなって、駅にいた人たちの好奇の目を気にもせず、カメラをぱしゃり。家に帰ってきて写真をみながら、ジョニー・デップの出てた「シザーズ・ハンド」の作品を思い出しました。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-09 10:58 | Liverpool

Recipe レシピその1

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I'm not Christian or even religious, but I just want to make a little prayer here. I'm praying that a sister of a friend of mine in Rennes will be found safe. Her sisiter lives in Lebanon. A bomb exploded next to her sister's house, and she's not found escaped or safe yet. This also reminded me of the last year's bomb blasts in London. A friend of a good friend of mine was killed by this bus explosion.
I know there's nothing I can or we can do for these victims of bomb explosions, but I thought, and hope if this could even be a small help to let them be put in more people's thoughts..........
by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-07 08:25 | diary