リヴァプールでの生活を綴った日記。 Bits of this and that about my Liverpool life.

by e_rioblanco

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Alma de Cuba

Alma de Cuba (see photos) is located in Seel Street. This old Polish church (200 years old) was not used for a long time, and now turned into a great bar & restaurant with a Cuban theme in it. I was trying to find more historical background about this building on Internet, but unfortunately I found none, apart from the fact that it was a 200 years old Polish church, called St. Peters Church.
Upstairs is the restaurant, and apparently tables for most of the weekends are already fully booked! The downstairs is where there is a bar, and you can have food (tapas only) here as well. I've heard the food upstairs is expensive but absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately I haven't been to dine there yet although I had the tapas downstairs quite a few times. The food downstairs is not bad, but I wouldn't call it "great". When I once ordered "Cuban bread", it was just a slice of English-made French bread with a very oily orange-coloured source on it, and it tasted awful..... And, I've ordered Mojito the other day, and this time it came without mint!! When I took it back to the bar and told them there was no mint, they said that the reason why there was no mint in my drink was there was no mint left. ???!!! I just couldn't believe what I'd heard! Without mint, Mojito is not Mojito, and they cannot just serve their instant invention as Mojito. They should have asked me first if I still wanted to have this drink even without mint, shouldn't they?
There is a small outside space to drink as well, but it doens't look as cool as the space inside. I think it's a shame. It'd be great if they have a courtyard which goes with either the original feature or the theme of the bar (Cuban and Miami).
However, despite of all the not-good experience I had here, I have to say Alma de Cuba is still and definitely one of my favourite bars in Liverpool. xxx


    外にも、広いとは言いがたいスペースがあるけど、中ほどいけてないのがとっても残念。キューバ・マイアミのテーマにあわせるか、元の教会の内装にあわせた中庭風にすればいいのに~。ミントなしのモヒートがでてきたり嫌なこともあるのに、それでもそれでも、リヴァプールの中で一番気に入っているバーはって聞かれたら、やっぱり、アルマ・デ・クーバって答えるだろうな、と思います(笑)。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-07-11 03:31 | Liverpool


I've recently taken a lot of photographs of Liverpool with my new mobile. It's because, first, the weather is so nice, everything in Liverpool looks a lot nicer, and second, I visited this architectural city walk the other day and it made me think that Liverpool has quite many great architectual buildings. The walk also made me realise that I don't have photos of Liverpool from the years when I was doing BA to compare the changes in Liverpool. So, with my fancy gadget I've started to wonder around and taken photos of current Liverpool whenever I'm in town now.
I've uploaded some of the photos in Photo Gallery on my MSN blog, so please have a look when you have some time to spare. As for some of the interesting buildings would be uploaded in Blog with a bit of comments instead. I think the first one might be "Alma de Cuba". xxx
最近、4月に買った携帯についているカメラでリヴァプールの街の写真をよく撮っています。そのわけは、お天気がとてもいいせいか街がきれいに見えるから(苦笑)。それと、この間「Liverpool Architecual City Walk」に参加したせいもあるかな。参加してみて、リヴァプールって街の中のいろんなところに歴史的建築物がたくさんあることを実感。どんどん変わっているリヴァプールを見て、学部生のころに撮ったリヴァプールの写真がほとんどないことにきづいて後悔。今からでも変化を写真におさめておくのに遅くないかと思い、最近街に行くと、携帯片手にうろうろ、パチパチやっています(笑)。
   MSNブログのフォトアルバムの中に写真をアップしてあるので、また、時間のあるときに見てください♪。おもしろいなと思った建物は、ブログのコーナーにコメントつけながら、ちょこちょこアップさせていこうと思っています。、たぶん、「アルマ・デ・クーバ」を最初に紹介すると思います♪ xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-07-05 18:41 | diary

Dream Catcher

Smell, taste, and a visual image stay in my memory for a very long time..... My friends said that I happened to be influenced a lot by strong visual images such as films and photographs. It's true. When I watch a violent film, for example, killing scenes haunt me for a while, well at least a couple of days for sure, or if it's a sad and depressing film, I get so depressed after watching the film. Smell stays even stronger and longer in my memory, which isn't really a good thing actually. For example, a smell of a perfume! It reminds me of everything or everyone with which/whom was associated. I remember one of the actresses from 50s/60s said that she changed perfume everytime she changed a man . I can sort of understand why! Memory is a funny thing, isn't it? because it could be very momentary, but on the other hand it can stay in your head for ever......
So, what is a definition of memories? I looked it up in an English dictionary, and it says memories are "the ability to remember or something that you remember from the past about things, places, experiences etc". Japanese dictionary however adds "memories are also something that leave influences or affects from the past to living creatures." First time in my whole life, I experienced having difficulty in sleeping because of this "affect". Me, who is a queen of leisure and can sleep for a whole day without any problems, had to spend some sleepless nights recently!!!
  Does anybody believe in this Dream Cathcer? I'd never thought that it would work and I'd never even imagined myself to buy one, but I did (the photo below)! I don't usually have a problem of getting enough sleep (well, actually I usually have a problem of getting too much sleep ) or suffer from having bad dreams either, so I didn't really need the one till now. But! it works!Since the day I hung it on the wall in my bedroom! It could be a psychological thing, but I'm totally amazed by that and so happy that I can have a looong good sleep now! xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-07-01 00:53 | diary