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a0072144_13584.jpg5th February 2007.

I went down to London this morning to see a doctor.


I went to Covent Garden after the doctor’s to have lunch with a friend.


I had a bit of time to wonder around inside of the market while waiting for him (It is just that I could not send him a text to tell him I was on my way, as there was no reception on my mobile after Kings Cross).

待ち合わせがうまくいかなくて (コヴェント・ガーデンに着く前にテキストを送るはずが、

Luckily it was Monday, and there was a Monday antique market!


The first booth I looked around was an antique silverware stall.


a0072144_1355244.jpga0072144_136153.jpgI asked a bit of discount for this lovely meat fork and very pretty sugar spoon (I did not know how to use neither of them until the lady at the stall told me so)!


I am not mad about silverwares, but I like to find something different or something unique and beautiful. I so do not care if there is only one odd spoon here and another odd fork there, as long as they are unique and pretty.


And as for the things I buy from an antique market/shop, I always use them. I never keep them hiding in a storage only to collect.


The salt spoon, the serving spoon, and the tea spoon on the photo at the top of the this site are also new collections. A design of the handle of this tea spoon is very delicate and I love intricated things,
but still, I have to say, my favourite one is definitely this celtic salt spoon! I have definitely softer eyes on spoons than on forks and knives 




by e_rioblanco | 2007-03-19 05:10 | antiques
I like to collect small things, which is a bad habit I believe :) One of the things I've been collecting is spoons; usually small silver tea spoons and sometimes a big spoon like salad servers.


These are the silver spoons (photo above)I found in a few antique fairs. My favourite of them has to be the one in the middle. It's a tea leaf spoon. I don't know if it's true, as its handle looks too long to be a tea-leaf spoon, but at lease this was what I was told :)

a0072144_4495685.jpg a0072144_451596.jpg

Salad servers (photo above: left). I got welsh love spoon looking ones in St. Georges Antique Fair quite a while ago. My favourite salad server is this silver looking metal spoon with motifs which are related to a church. This is rather quite an unsual piece (photo above: right), I t hink, but I don't know what this was used for. The one in the middle was given by Paul and Ann who thought it might be easier for me to use to serve salad, as I have little strength on my left hand.

There are more than quite a few tea-leaf spoons inlcuding those in wood, those made of sea shells and made of horns, but these are my current favourites (photo right)!

I don't know where my journey to hunt small spoons is taking me next :) xxx
次のスプーンハントはどのアンティークマーケットだろう、、、。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-10-02 15:30 | antiques
次の月にもう一度同じアンティークフェアに戻って探したけど、Hummelの小皿を大量に持っていたあのおばあさんのストールがない。隣ストールのウェールズの陶器を専門に売っているおじさんに聞いたら、このおばさん、リヴァプールのアンティークフェアには、一年に一度冬にくるだけで、そのほかはウェールズのアンティークマーケットに出没しているのだそう。おじさんが教えてくれた地名は車のないわたしにはととても不便で、そこまでして集めたいと思うほどでもなく、行かずじまい。それ以来、何度かセントジョージズホールに通ったけど一度も見ないあのおばさん、、、。おかげでこのHummelの小皿はそれ以来ずっと3枚のままで増える気配なしなのです(笑)。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-13 15:15 | antiques
PYREX! I'm in love with PYREX :) I've liked it for long, but it was actually about a few years ago when I officialy started to collect PYREX, which was exactly September 2002 when I went to Harrisonburg to attend one of my friend's wedding. Harriosnburg is suburban area, two hours dirve from Washington DC. She and her mother-in-law took me to one of farmers market where I found this so-called "Antique Market". I didn't really care when she told me that there weren't many real antiques. True, there weren't "real old antiques" like we have in England, but that place was like a dream shop to me. Full of PYREX!! This butter dish (see the photo) was actually my frist PYREX collection!

I didn't think they were really cheap at the time. So I only bought things I really really liked and things I could carry in my suitcase (in terms of both amount and weight), but I should have bought more. I've so regretted that I didn't buy a set of salada bowls with tulips pattern!!! The price is quite dear in Japan and even in the States now, as PYREX and FIRE KING become very popular as Collectables among Japanese collecters. I usually find them in a charity shop here and there in UK at a very low price ( the casserole dish I got was only 99p), but I buy them on e-bay recently, which is veeery dangerous :) I have no will power when it comes to butter dishes and gravy boats....... Let's hope I'll meet more PYREX in a charity shop at a bargain price! xxx


でも、もっと買っておけばよかったと今となっては後悔!!今、日本でPYREXやFIRE KINGがコレクタブルとして流行っているからか、日本でもアメリカでも高い!イギリスで、たまにチャリティショップでみかけ、破格の値段(キャセロール皿なんかは一つ100円くらい)で購入したりしてたけど、最近は、e-bayなるものを覚え、すこしづつわたしのPYREXコレクションが増えていってます(笑)。特に好きでついつい集めてしまうのが、バターケースとグレービーボート(グレービーコレクションの紹介はまた次回)。これからも、チャリティショップで破格の値段で出会えますように♪。 xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-08-17 00:15 | antiques