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Tuscany diary Part2: トスカーナ観光 ピエンザ前編

Pienza, Italy,

Part I: 前編

The main reason of this trip to Tuscany was to attend Sharon and Mike's wedding, and I didn't therefore do a lot of sightseeing. The only palce I visited (and explored) was Pienza, which is only 20 mins drive from the villa I stayed. It's a small village on the top of the hill of Tuscany.

Pienza is very small but very pretty. Lots of narrow streets (photo above) where cars cannot come in, and these streets looked soooo Italian, well, at least to me :) Pienza reminded me of one of the TV commercials where this small car (I think it was Renault) was driving around the narrow streets. Every houses and buildings have intricated carving or design on their entrance doors and windows.


Pienza is know as its cheese, and there are quite a few cheese shops in the centre. Oh god, this cheese! Appearance can be deceptive, people say, but for this cheese, never! Appearance tells everything. It looks grouse and it smells horrifyingly strong!!! Even friends who like cheese thought that it smelled quite strong. It's very different from French cheese. I was crying out, "I need a nose-piece to block the smell, not an ear-piece!!" The smell was so strong that you could even smell it from the top of the street to the bottom, as far as the street goes!!! Believe me, the smell was that bad.

It was a hot day. Where we were walking was a kind of a hill looking down the great scenery of Tuscany. Beautiful place. It was too hot, and I felt dizzy and was trying to find a shade. I started to lose interest in admiring the view. At that moment, I couldn't care less how picturesque the scenery was! I had to get away from the sun....


We went into this Duomo (photo: right) in the middle of the village. I wondered if the wall paintings in the Duomo were original. I couldn't tell. I wanted to take a photo of the paintings, but decided not to, as I've heard that people here are quite strict about taking photos in churches. However, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the ceiling (photo: bottom).


I noticed that there were two booths by the entrance door, and I wondered what they were. I asked Ruth what they were for, and she told me that they were where people come and confess their sins. I don't think I've never seen the booths like them before. I was so impressed with this fine craftmanship of the panels (photo: right). There were 4 panels in the Duomo, and each of them are designed differently. There was also great work on the floor panels. I've decided not to take a photo, as most of them looked already badly weathered.

To be continued.... (The next part is about a pizzaria in Pienza.) xxx
後編、ピッツェリアへ♪ xxx

by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-19 18:45 | travel