リヴァプールでの生活を綴った日記。 Bits of this and that about my Liverpool life.

by e_rioblanco

Paris 2: パリ滞在その2 建物編


Departure: I usually check-in approx. 30 mins before the departure, but I checked in very early this time, for the high security regulations at the airport. I assumed there'd be a crowd of people and a long que at the check-in counter, but no, empty as usual (photo above: left). I've never really noticed this statue of John Lennon before though ;) (photo above: right).

Arrived, 1st Day in Paris: I took an airport bus (Roissy Bus) from Terminal 3 directly to Opera as usual, for it's most convinient and safer than taking RER B at night alone. I was waiting for a friend to pick me up at Opera Garnier, and couldn't resist taking a photo since this is one of the places where always reminds me of Paris and where I realise my presence in Paris! Really beautiful, Opera Garnier is (photo: right)

2nd Day: I was going to go to National Library (the end of Metro 14) to read some articles first, but as a friend of mine mentioned about a new Starbucks in Opera over the phone, whose interior is totally different from any other Starbucks, I changed a plan and went to this newly open Starbucks on Bd. de Italienes. The interior is the grand! Amazing ceiling (photo: left) and great atomosphere. It's a waste to be a chain coffee shop like Starbucks. The only thing I appreciated that this place was Starbucks was their non-smoking policy, I have to say. It's a shame that nobody could turn into something better than Starbucks. I was waiting for friends before our dinner reservation, reading an article about wordplay in Hebrew poetry, drinkin iced cafe latte. I was surprised how different Starbucks cafe latte here tasted from the one back at Starbucks in UK. Was it because of the great atomosphere of this beautiful place, or because of coffee beans? Coffee, in general, always tastes better in France anyway :)

3rd Day: We went to Le Marais to do some shopping, and bought quite a few bottles of BIODERMA (not Biotherma), which was recommended by a frined of mine whose dermocologist had originally recommended her when she had a problem with her skin (**he said that hard water in Europe was not good for skin and it's better to be wiped out before you put any cream on your face). On the way to the restaurant in Villiers, we changed a train at this very artie station called Arts et Metiers (2 photos below). I didn't realised that the entire wall of the paltform was made of bronze-looking metal until a friend of mine suggested to take a photo for my blog. Metal work by some artists were also displayed on the wall. Interesting, but I have to say it felt strange. You feel like as if you were inside of the spaceship or something :)


I'm so determined to do some cultural wandering, including a visit to Bibliotheque Francois Mitterrand in my next trip to Paris (maybe at the beginning of December?)! :) xxx
by e_rioblanco | 2006-09-25 15:15 | travel